All agencies big or small face some or the other crises that are related to a data breach, an executive scandal or just a bad piece of press, any negative event connected to the brand. One has to very tactfully handle these entire crises and maintain the reputation of the agency. It is better if you can judge the crisis before it occurs and cure it. But sometimes it becomes late and then here the crisis management comes into the picture. The first thing one has to be truthful about the crisis as this will help in successfully coming out of the situation.

• React properly
An immediate reaction to the crisis plays a vital role in controlling the situation. Never react emotionally always try to be practical and do not react fast, take a break think and then react. Gather all facts properly before talking or sending any emails.

• Let the spokesperson react
Instead of all reacting together during the crisis situation, it is better that the spokesperson reacts. This will help to handle the situation in a better way as they know about the situation in and out. Keep the employees informed about why and when and let the inquiries be addressed by the designated spokesperson to reduce the challenges.

• Admit the mistakes
Admitting the mistakes will help for sure, go to the main root of the challenges and solve it. Be united as a group in crisis situation, give proper apologies where needed and be loyal to yourself. Listen to all and understand the situation and then react.

• Be positive
Do not be defensive when handling a crisis; it will go against the agency. Talk and communicate in a positive way to the firm. This will help control the brand image in a better way. Listen to all and understand the situation

• Get the true story
Talk what is true, get the correct advice and inform the truth to the client as well as media that will help build the image. Get in front of the issues and then solve them after getting all the facts correct and in the right place.

• Be transparent
One has to be open and transparent while handling the crisis situation. If the brand is at fault admit the fault and move swiftly. Talk with the client and the audience directly as all appreciates transparency.

No business wants to go into crisis mode on its own but if any such situation arises it has to be handled in a proper manner. Handle the crisis in a manner that the truth comes out in a proper manner and the brand image is not affected. The way one handles the crisis will help develop the brand image in all ways. Take the right call and decide on the best way to tackle the problem by keeping cool and truthful.

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