Agnelorajesh VNCT Ventures (SAVV) (Individual)

Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide is a First Generation Serial and Social Entrepreneur and also the founder & Chairman of St. Angelo’s VNCT Ventures, a global real-estate development company driven by the objective to create quality-based, affordable designer homes that would be wealth multipliers for their customers.

St. Angelo’s VNCT VENTURES is one of the leading developers in India. With a futuristic and customer-centric vision, global expertise and diverse experience, Agnelorajesh and his partners are committed to create world-class homes across India. With residential projects across India and Dubai, the focus has always been to deliver ‘affordable luxury’ that will not only wow the customers but also give them a high ROI in asset appreciation.

Communications Objectives

  • Create a brand image for St.Angelo’s VNCT Ventures (SAVV) Global
  • Create and engage the media with strong and multi-dimensional PR stories to promote SAAV Global as a trusted name in the Industry.
  • To position the brand as a go to for perspective in real estate segment.
  • To create thought leadership and position Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide as a visionary in the real estate segment, creating Value through his projects
  • To showcase the White Villas project and build a category for conversations around weekend homes

Impact Achieved

Through content driven PR tools like authored articles, opinion pieces and participation in
industry trend stories, we were able to create a consistent brand engagement for SAVV Global among media and influencers.

Profile SAVV Global by leading real estate media like The Property Times, Property House, Projects Today, Realty Plus, The Hans India, 99 Acres among others

Over a period of just 6 months, SAVV Global became one of Real estate trade media’s favorite go to brand for a perspective on real estate, housing, government schemes in real estate etc. We successfully featured him as an Indian thought leader in real estate in Middle east’s leading publication, the National.

Additionally, his views were also published on how the sector would be affected basis the 2019-20 union budget.

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