Onspon (Startup)

Onspon is a leading avenue for stakeholders to discover and exchange synergies to create fabulous events. They offer access and technology solutions to make event planning, sponsorship and visibility more efficient. They aim to facilitate the creation of events by bringing together interested people through the global platform of onspon.com, to fashion events that are truly cherishable experiences for everyone involved.

• Founded in 2013
• Headquarters in Mumbai, India (Maharashtra).
• 36,000+ event managers on board
• Multiple venues, celebrity managers and vendors listed on the Onspon Vendor Network

Communications Objectives

  • Introduction of the concept of event sponsorships
  • Brand introduction
  • Showcase spokespersons as thought leaders in the space
  • Highlight firm’s achievements to attract funding opportunities

Impact Achieved

Onspon became a media favorite and go-to-brand for any perspective on advertising /events related industry stories. Its profiling was covered by CAT A media like The Economic Times, The Times of India, Yourstory and startup terminal. We were successful to ensure that their spokespersons were well represented in the correct media and showcased as industry pioneers.

Through content driven PR tools like authored articles, opinion pieces and participation in industry trend stories, we created a consistent brand engagement for Onspon among media and influencers. The agency was successfully able to position the brand as a leading event sponsor and planning start-up among peers.

Its fund raising news was covered by close to 49 publications, primarily in CAT A media. This being against an average of 15 monthly media exposures a month.

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