ROBINSONS GLOBAL LOGISTICS (Logistics and Infrastructure)

RGL, a warehousing and distribution company has been spun off from the reputed Robinsons Cargo & Logistics (RCNL), it brings a strategic combination of technology, international best practices and deep domain expertise to the Indian market. Building on the 65 years of legacy of RCNL’s market leadership, RGL is built on the firm values and business ethics of integrity, commitment, customer satisfaction, and drive for excellence.

With a strong network of 40 warehouses in 20 states; and an extensive experience of delivering superior services for the past 23 years, RGL aims to offer expert warehousing and distribution solutions that are aligned to the dynamic needs of modern business. Through a well-crafted strategy that combines technology and strong business values, RGL is committed to creating a niche presence in the areas of customized warehousing and innovative distribution solutions to clients across sectors like Manufacturing, Retail, Infrastructure, IMPEX and SME’s. Apart from this, RGL also provides customized, technology-enabled Warehousing and Distribution solutions for Cold Chain, Automotive, Garments, as well as for Consumer Electronics sectors.

Communications Objectives

  • Enabling brand positioning for Robinsons Global Logistics (RGL), as a modern warehousing and cold supply chain specialist, in addition to leveraging the age old loyalty of the parent brand, RCNL
  • Showcase the spokesperson as a logistic expert, who is one of the few standalone warehousing brand owners to implement visionary warehousing and SCM services
  • Facilitate story ideation on topics that would directly and indirectly impact modern logistics.
    • These included topics ranging from 3PL service trends to cyber security and sustainable supply chain among others

Impact Achieved

Upon receiving the mandate, Scenic Communication embarked upon a multi-dimensional approach. Team Scenic took a content driven approach though various PR tools like press release, trend stories, opinions articles and leadership approach though contributory articles and award participations. This enabled qualitative media exposures for both the brand and the spokesperson across mainline, financial and trade media.

The strategy has increasingly position RGL as a thought leader in the industry. RGL has now become a relevant voice of the industry in the media when it goes through dynamic changes and is impacted by various policy changes.

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