Use social media in Public Relations (PR) strategies is increasing a lot. This is considered as a positive new way of marketing that goes hand in hand with the PR. There are many ways to integrate social media into PR strategies. The purpose of PR is to create a positive image of the company and that can be done in a better way with the help of social media. Actually, PR and social media both are used to build and maintain trust in the company and their products and hence these two must be in sync to get the best results.

In today’s time PR as to be merged with social media to get the best possible result that will benefit the clients. Using the right marketing strategies while doing PR is very important as it helps to develop the brand. Maintaining brand equity is very important as it refers to the customer’s perception of a brand name or company.

Blogging helps the company to get recognition; blogging helps the brand reach a different segment of the audience. Blogging builds relationships with existing customers and positions that as a thought-leader in the field. Use of blogs as part of PR strategy will help the agency to establish as an expert in the field. Make the blogs using the words that are SEO friendly. Try to find the words that people search more and use them in the blogs to get more coverage.

Social Media
Use social media to promote the brand in a faster way. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn are affordable options that can be used by PR. Social media allows consumers and clients to engage with the brand any time and get engaged to it. Successful PR people explore new technologies of social media to get the best results. The greatest benefit of social media is lead generation using a specific destination and specific audience. Also through social media exact leads can be calculated.

Chatbots are exploding up everywhere in Facebook as well as other live chat solutions which are used by PR agencies to talk about the brands. It is one of the ways of marketing that will develop in the coming time which will change the way of customer engagement. It is an easy and better way to solve customer problems.

Content Writing
Content is playing the role of the king in PR agencies. The customized content journey is becoming the new marketing strategy in PR. Content helps to brand to create its image in the industry in a positive way. Content marketing involves creative that are used in Facebook as well as LinkedIn. These creative are different for the various social media platforms. They create a huge impact on the minds of the reader and help in developing the brand identity. In PR and social media, people interact with the content differently. In PR it is usually in a passive way, whereas the social media audience is more engaging and interactive, one has to maintain this difference to get the best result.

PR should be used in combination with other ways to optimize customer the brand and create smart Insights. PR should properly create the brand image and what reach the correct target audience. Social media has made PR more customer “friendly” to all types of business. This has resulted in a new area of marketing and helps companies to be more warm, approachable and give better results.

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