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The importance of PR campaigns for Lifestyle brands during the festive season

With the onset of the festive season, for many businesses, it may mean shuttering down and taking time off. However, just because the holidays are approaching does not imply you should put a stop to your public relations effort for the year. In fact, this is the time to put into place a strong PR campaign […]

Communication Tips for Home Grown perfume brands

India has historically known as a country fascinated by fragrances. With a plethora of fragrant trees and flowers – from lilies in the north to Champa in the south, and Jasmine grown across its corners, India has always placed social and cultural significance on scents and smells. Items such as sandalwood, saffron, and camphor were considered, from early medieval […]

How can Internal Communication be leveraged in times of Hybrid Working Model?

Employee engagement plays a vital role for all organisations and is actively built through consistent interaction between employees and management, through both virtual and in-office mediums. Thanks to the pandemic, however, we have now been forced to adopt a remote working and hybrid working model, which has disrupted the general ‘office vibe’ and created some separation […]

Why is PR important for brands venturing into healthcare?

With the pandemic exposing a feeble healthcare infrastructure, public relations in the health care sector are paramount. An increasing number of firms are devoting more time and effort to harness public relations tactics, ranging from regional health care cooperatives to medical practices. These public relations strategies are becoming indispensable in the healthcare business model to […]