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Adroit Biomed Ltd.

Adroit Biomed Ltd. is a pharmaceutical healthcare company with focus on dermato-cosmetology. As a science-driven company offering exceptional quality products, that inspire real change in the world of dermatology.  

Communication Objective 

As a new age Nutraceuticals company, Adroit Biomed had the main focus of creating awareness about their flagship product Glutone, which was made of the bioactive antioxidant, Glutathione. Thus, our first mandate was to create awareness and positive brand recall for Glutathione as a master antioxidant. Nutraceuticals as a sector is an extremely new category. Although it is picking up, there was a lack of conversations around this category in the media. Category building for Nutraceuticals was thus another important mandate. Positioning of the spokesperson as an industry thought leader and visionary was the next mandate. We also had the mandate of corporate profiling of Adroit Biomed as a leader in the Indian Nutraceuticals sector. 

Impact Achieved 

Within 6 months of engagement, we were able to generate a positive media loyalty towards the brand and its spokespeople. We garnered coverage for the brand in category A Publications in trade and mainstream media, helping position the brand as an industry leader. By quotes on Budget expectations and post-budget reaction etc., we managed to garner visibility for client in mainstream business media.