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PR tips for Small Business

It is imperative for business’s sustained growth to have a robust, experienced and dynamic Public Relations (PR) outreach. Sustained publicity, good reputation and positive brand identity are the most important thing for the holistic growth and development of the company. An experienced PR team will advise you strategically at every step of the way to maintain a positive public image. Today, we will clear the big misconception of small business owners and budding entrepreneur that public relations is only for big companies as they have more marketing budget and can afford it.

Here is a list of the top 5 reasons why you should harness the power of public relations to make your business grow faster and easier.

1. Choosing a right PR team.

“Not one size fits all”

There are many PR firms operating in different domains. It is very important for brands to select a right PR team that has applied experience in your industry and is able to build great working relations with you. By researching the firm’s profile online, and reviewing various relevant case studies you can easily figure out their strategic approach, execution and media relations, also is important to comprehend the brands the advisory has worked for and in what capacity.

2. Brand Recognition at a minimal cost.

Cost or budget is a primary concern for small business owners and start-ups. They want their brand or product to have maximum outreach in the TG but within the available resources. Strategic PR helps in creating brand awareness and recognition within a stipulated budget. You don’t always need a big budget to hire an effective and experienced PR agency.

3. Crafting a good story

The easiest and fastest way to capture the attention of the media and the public is to create a relevant and newsworthy story about your brand. It should include interesting specifics about the business. Let’s say your business has worked 24*7 to provide essential commodities to people across the world during lockdown, create an interesting angle and pitch a good story incorporating relevant key messages, try to get it published on a good platform. On the other hand, if your business has low carbon emissions and operates more environmentally friendly then this story peg is something special to be pitched for world environment day.

4. Promoting your business by staying in the NEWS

“As long as you are in the news you are on people’s mind.”

Positive media coverage plays a huge role in maintain the brand image. It helps in gaining customer trust and loyalty. According to a survey conducted by Nielsen Global Trust, it is said that, “About 83% of people suggest a business they trust to others.” Your news must stand out in today’s information-supersaturated world for your brand to receive a meaningful media coverage. PR professionals plan, supervise and recommend you the best medium to promote your business.

5. Building Crisis Backup Plan

It is rightly said that, “No crisis comes by saying.” Every task requires a Plan B option, as not only small scale but also medium scale business owners must be prepared with a backup plan for any kind of crisis that may be looming around the corner. An experienced PR team being operational expert can strategies ways to deal with the crisis situation on a real time basis and also foresee potential crisis situations, draft the backup plans to save the business from any upcoming crisis.

Conclusion: Tactical Public Relations outreach plays a pivotal role in creating, improving, strengthening, and sustain your positive brand’s image within the TG.

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