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Month: May 2023

Remaining Relevant in the Era of Rise and Falls

Public relations (PR) specialists must stay current with emerging trends and technological developments in order to remain useful in today’s fast-paced environment. PR practitioners need to be nimble and flexible to stay on top of the game given the rise and fall of new technology, platforms, and techniques. The PR sector has changed to keep […]

The Changing Landscape of Public Relations in the UAE 

Public Relations in the UAE has come a long way from traditional media coverage to social media dominance to Artificial Intelligence innovations. As technology improves, public relations approaches, techniques, and practises are bound to change. In the UAE, the public relations industry is gradually becoming more digitised, data-driven, and technology-centered. Social media has revolutionised the […]

How to avoid bad pitches in PR?

Pitches or media pitches are short and direct messages emailed to any journalist, editor or media outlet in order to get them interested in your story. They are a short summary version of your messages written to get any news published in any media publication. They are written for various aspects such as product launches, […]

Public Relations and Crisis Plans for Schools

The crisis is a critical organizational breakdown. It can be defined as a situation where your company’s reputation is at stake and there are negative consequences to it, if not handled properly. Managing a school is already a difficult task, and to top that, crisis circumstances make it even more challenging for them to maintain […]

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The Rise of Public Relations Specialists

Public Relations is not just about generating favorable publicity for a business. It is about building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders to achieve mutual benefits. In India, Public Relations has come a long way from mere press releases and product launches. It has evolved into a strategic function, essential for businesses to succeed. The country’s […]