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Enjay IT Solutions Ltd.

Enjay IT Solutions Ltd is an SME working in the field of innovative technology solutions for businesses. A superior product quality with excellent customer service approach, the brand had recognition among peers and select trade. Communication Objective Our main mandate was to position a brand as an innovative technology solution provider for SME’s, Start-up founders […]


SecureLayer7 is a 8-year-old empanelled cyber security solution provider. It provides comprehensive security services and products. Based on Video POC of each attack performed to measure the business impact and manual testing focused approach avoiding false positives from automated tools. Communication Objective Position, Sandeep Kamble, Founder & CTO as a thought leader in the IT […]

School Diary

School Diary is an EdTech company based out of Pune. School Diary makes parent-school communication easy, engaging, and effective. School Diary – is a mobile-first platform that enables parents to receive timely updates (school or class alerts, daycare updates, event reminders), to track child’s progress (activity pictures, homework, attendance reports), and to monitor child safety […]

AAS Vidhyalaya

  AAS Vidyalaya (Anytime Anywhere School) is a first-of-its-kind virtual school aimed at ensuring education reaches students who are willing to learn but are unable to, due to poor quality of education services or lack of infrastructure & support. By connecting students & teachers on one platform, it enables self-learning where students can access structured […]

The Green Acres Academy 

The Green Acres Academy, founded in 2013 by The Acres Foundation, uses a holistic approach that combines the best of Indian and International education methodologies to nurture well-rounded, free-thinking, capable individuals who are rooted in humanitarian values of caring for their fellow human beings and the larger ecosystem.  Communication Objective  With two campuses – one in […]


Agrhayah Technologies is a Mumbai-based software company with in-house audio and text content creation capabilities.  Communication Objective  As a new-age software and content start-up, Agrhayah is among the pioneers for creating Voice and Audio based products for brands. With a strong focus on making technology accessible in the Non-English languages, Agrahyah had multiple mandates that needed […]

FreightCrate Technologies

FreightCrate Technologies is a Logistics Technology company that is automating and optimising international shipping for global businesses. They offer online tech-enabled quote and shipment management solutions for export and import businesses to and from more than 50,000 global locations.  Communication Objective  As a first of its kind online logistics service marketplace, FreightCrate was a start-up […]


Having a strong distribution and warehousing strategy is critical to your success in today’s global environment. Robinsons Global Logistics Solutions (RGL) provide superior inventory and delivery services to ensure that all our clients’ needs are met. They have extensive and valuable experience of delivering warehousing services for the past 23 years under the 65-year-old company […]

Adroit Biomed Ltd.

Adroit Biomed Ltd. is a pharmaceutical healthcare company with focus on dermato-cosmetology. As a science-driven company offering exceptional quality products, that inspire real change in the world of dermatology.   Communication Objective  As a new age Nutraceuticals company, Adroit Biomed had the main focus of creating awareness about their flagship product Glutone, which was made of […]

Goavega Software India Pvt. Ltd.

Goavega Software India Pvt. Ltd. is a product engineering, design and technology house that helps clients to design, develop and deploy products and solutions for the connected world. The brand combines the latest technologies, best practices, and global talent to help its customers grow their businesses Communications Objectives Position Goavega as a one stop shop […]