Welcome to our company


Agrhayah Technologies is a Mumbai-based software company with in-house audio and text content creation capabilities. 

Communication Objective 

As a new-age software and content start-up, Agrhayah is among the pioneers for creating Voice and Audio based products for brands. With a strong focus on making technology accessible in the Non-English languages, Agrahyah had multiple mandates that needed simultaneous attention. As a voice and audio-driven content provider, the main communication objective was to create visibility for Agrahyah and highlight its voice and audio offerings for brands seeking to connect with consumers on this nascent platform. Focus segments included healthcare, BFSI, Hospitality etc. Creating strategic media outreach to highlight Agrahyah’s focus on making digital and voice/ audio more inclusive with Non-English language content, was the second most important mandate. As pioneers in building locally relevant and engaging audio content, Agrahyah launched India’s first Hindi Language infotainment podcast, Aawaz.com. From initiating conversations around podcast among the traditional print and digital media to positioning Aawaz.com, with its unique shows and features, was one of the focus areas for Agrahyah. In addition to the above, building on its huge portfolio of work in voice for brands, Agrahyah became India’s first ‘Voice’ agency, working closely with the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google, helping brands leverage this new medium. Building on that positioning to further establish Agrahyah’s leadership in Voice was the key   

Leveraging the brand spokesperson, Mr. Sreeraman Thiagarajan’s existing expertise as a Google groups technology expert and Agrahayah’s work with global brands like Amazon Alexa, etc., building strong thought leadership for the spokesperson was also an important mandate. 

Impact Achieved 

Within 6 months of engagement, we were able to generate positive media loyalty towards the brand and its spokespeople. We garnered coverage for the brand in category A Publications in trade and mainstream media, helping position the brand as an industry leader.