Welcome to our company

Amaterasu Lifesciences LLP

Amaterasu Lifesciences is a contract research oriented Pharma and lifestyle company. They have been pioneering research in terms of anti-chafing and silicon barrier gel technology. They have a range of products mostly for adults, patients and senior citizens and include a range of anti-chafing creams, anti-diaper rashes, palliative care products for patients, etc.

Communications Objectives

The main objective of this communication strategy was to create awareness and to start conversations around chafing which is a topic not generally spoken about but is a common occurrence which happens with a lot of people. So our strategy was based on building a category around anti-chafing products in the market and to talk about this very common skin irritant which is dangerous to health if ignored. Apart from focusing on the company and the spokesperson, our major task was to focus on the product and to talk about how this product can help various categories of people including athletes, men, specific chafing problems in women, palliative skincare in elderly which includes bedsores and diaper rashes, babies with diaper rashes, etc.

Impact Achieved

Within a span of 4 months, we have been able to garner visibility for the spokesperson and for the brand and its products across various consumers and trade portals including the Times Of India Online, TimesXP video, and BioSpectrum India, India Today and Yourstory.