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Enjay IT Solutions Ltd.


Enjay IT Solutions is an SME working in the field of innovative technology solutions for businesses. A superior product quality with excellent customer service approach, the brand had recognition among peers and select trade.

Communication Objective

Our main mandate was to position a brand as an innovative technology solution provider for SME’s, Start-up founders and large enterprises. Creating a positive brand visibility among the target audiences while also creating awareness about the various products and solutions by Enjay, for various sectors, was the second important mandate. Showcasing the client’s vision and expertise in the emerging technology sector and his passion for digitisation of businesses, we were tasked at creating thought leadership for spokesperson, Mr. Limesh Parekh, positioning him as a strong proponent of smart technology for business.

Impact Achieved

Within a period of 1 year 3 months, we managed to create a strong visibility for the brand and its product offerings, through presence across technology, business and industry specific trade publications. These included print coverages in Category A publications like Business India, DNA Money, Financial express and technology publications like Silicon India etc. The PR exercise also helped the brand garner new business, expand its service offerings and grow, as a brand. The case studies and the thought leadership for the spokesperson helped the brand bag speaker opportunities and receive enquiries from various industries/ sectors, to set up customized solutions for their business.