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FreightCrate Technologies


FreightCrate Technologies is a Logistics Technology company that is automating and optimizing international shipping for global businesses. They offer online tech-enabled quote and shipment management solutions for export and import businesses to and from more than 50,000 global locations. 

Communication Objective for FreightCrate Technologies

As a first-of-its-kind online logistics service marketplace, FreightCrate was a start-up designed to be the digital disrupter for logistics, like eCommerce was to retail. As a communication agency, we were essentially tasked with the mandate of creating awareness and visibility for the brand among stakeholders. As a disrupter, we also had the task of communicating the impact, of the disruption to the various stakeholders, by highlighting the challenges plaguing the logistics service industry and how FreightCrate was to solve it, through the digital platform, thus promoting the service offered by the brand. Considering it was a start-up, we had to leverage the extensive experience of the co-founders to build brand credibility, while also creating a thought leadership positioning for them. Another clear mandate for us, as brand representatives, was to create a positive brand image for potential investors, by engaging with start-up-related publications. 

Impact Achieved for FreightCrate Technologies By Scenic Communications

Through a strategic, content-driven approach, within a short span of 4 months, we managed to garner quality coverage for FreightCrate across notable print and online publications. These included start-up-related publications like BW Disrupt and Inc.42, financial newspapers like HBL, consumer online portals like Deccan Chronicle, and trade publications like Maritime Gateway, among others. Apart from trade and industry stakeholders, we managed to garner visibility among the start-up and investor-related media too, helping the brand get recognition and respect among potential PE and funding partners. At the end of the 4 month PR campaign, the client was already in talks with potential investors, raising the next round of funding.