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iSchoolConnect is an online platform that makes the university admissions process hassle-free, fun, and accessible to students around the globe. Using unique AI technology, this Google-partnered company allows students to apply to multiple universities with a single application. 

Communication Objective 

Apart from brand positioning, we also had the mandate to profile the spokesperson and position him as a modern, global specialist with study abroad facilities and tips. We also were tasked with the job of creating thought leadership for the spokesperson, in subjects that would, directly and indirectly, impact the Education Admission’s segment. iSchoolConnect provides students with facilities for study abroad using AI tools. Riding on the versatility and impact of healthcare across sectors, our main mandate was to push for presence and visibility for the spokesperson in mainline, Education and Edtech media, apart from driving thought leadership. 

Impact Achieved 

Through content-driven PR tools like authored articles, opinion pieces, and participation in industry trend stories, we created a strong brand positioning for iSchoolConnect and Ashish Fernando. The consistent brand engagement for iSchoolConnect among media and nomination award, paid off with regular media opportunities that we garnered, across trade and mainline publications.  iSchoolConnect has got published in CAT A media like Hindustan Times, Tribune India, The Hindu, India Today, BW Education, Republic World, The Pioneer, and industry story was covered by Hindustan Times, Mid-Day etc. As an average every month, iSchoolConnect gets 10 to 12 coverage in the relevant publications.