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Having a strong distribution and warehousing strategy is critical to your success in today’s global environment. Robinsons Global Logistics Solutions (RGL) provide superior inventory and delivery services to ensure that all our clients’ needs are met. They have extensive and valuable experience of delivering warehousing services for the past 23 years under the 65-year-old company Robinsons Cargo & Logistics (RCNL) umbrella. They have evolved with the latest technological advancements and innovations that revolutionised warehousing, at the same time staying rooted to the principles of unwavering commitment to our customers. 

Communication Objective 

As an offshoot of a legacy logistics company, Robinsons Cargo and Logistics (RCNL), our main mandate was to create a stand-alone brand positioning for Robinsons Global Logistics (RGL), as modern warehousing and cold supply chain specialist, while also leveraging the age-old loyalty of the parent brand, RCNL. Apart from brand positioning, we also had the mandate to profile the spokesperson and position him as a modern, tech-savvy logistic expert, who is one of the few stand-alone warehousing brand to implement visionary warehousing and SCM services. We also were tasked with the job of creating thought leadership for the spokesperson, in subjects that would, directly and indirectly, impact modern logistics. These included topics ranging from 3PL service trends to cyber security and sustainable supply chain etc. Riding on the versatility and impact of logistics across sectors, our main mandate was to push for presence and visibility for the spokesperson in mainline and financial media, apart from driving thought leadership in trade media. 

Impact Achieved 

Through content-driven PR tools like authored articles, opinion pieces, and participation in industry trend stories, we created a strong brand positioning for RGL as a modern, technologically savvy, and environment-conscious warehousing and logistics service provider. From introducing the brand to creating a thought leadership within a span of 18 months, we were able to bring forth the brand in category A publications like economic times and financial express, with stand-alone articles. The consistent brand engagement for Robinson Global Logistics Solutions among media and influencers, paid off with regular media opportunities that we garnered, across trade and mainline publications. Robinson Global Logistics Solutions profiling was covered by CAT A media like Logistics Insider, The Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle, Asian Age, The Indian Textile Journal, etc. As an average every month, Robinson Global gets 8 to 12 coverage in the relevant publications.