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Robinsons Global Logistics Solutions Overview

Having a strong distribution and warehousing strategy is critical to success in today’s global environment. Robinsons Global Logistics Solutions (RGL) provides superior inventory and delivery services to meet all client needs.

With 23 years of experience under the 65-year-old company Robinsons Cargo & Logistics (RCNL) umbrella, RGL has evolved with technological advancements and innovations that revolutionize warehousing while maintaining an unwavering commitment to customers.

Leading 3PL Company in Mumbai

RGL is Mumbai’s leading 3PL company, specializing in logistics, warehouse management, and contract logistics for e-commerce.

Communication Objectives for RGL

As an offshoot of the legacy logistics company RCNL, our primary mandate was to create a stand-alone brand positioning for RGL as a modern warehousing and cold supply chain specialist. We leveraged the age-old loyalty of the parent brand, RCNL, to build credibility.

In addition to brand positioning, we aimed to profile the spokesperson as a modern, tech-savvy logistics expert. Our goal was to establish RGL as one of the few stand-alone warehousing brands implementing visionary warehousing and SCM services. We also sought to create thought leadership for the spokesperson in areas impacting modern logistics, such as 3PL service trends, cybersecurity, and sustainable supply chains.

Our main mandate was to enhance the spokesperson’s presence in mainline and financial media, while driving thought leadership in trade media.

Impact Achieved by Scenic Communications

Through content-driven PR tools like authored articles, opinion pieces, and participation in industry trend stories, we established RGL as a modern, technologically savvy, and environmentally conscious warehousing and logistics service provider.

Within 18 months, we introduced the brand and created thought leadership, featuring them in category A publications like Economic Times and Financial Express. Consistent brand engagement among media and influencers paid off, securing regular media opportunities across trade and mainline publications.

RGL’s profiling was covered by CAT A media like Logistics Insider, The Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle, Asian Age, and The Indian Textile Journal. On average, Robinson Global gets 8 to 12 coverages in relevant publications each month.

Key Achievements

  1. Brand Awareness: Established strong brand positioning in major publications.
  2. Thought Leadership: Increased visibility and credibility of the spokesperson.
  3. Media Presence: Secured regular coverage in trade and mainline publications.

By focusing on these areas, we successfully enhanced RGL’s presence and credibility, positioning them as a leading player in the logistics and warehousing sector.