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SecureLayer7 PTaas Platform and Cybersecurity Services

SecureLayer7 – PTaas Platform and Cybersecurity Service Provider is a 8-year-old empaneled cyber security solution provider. It provides comprehensive security services and products. Based on Video POC of each attack performed to measure the business impact and manual testing focused approach avoiding false positives from automated tools.

SecureLayer7 is a leading cyber security company that offers specialized services like penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, source code audits, & red teaming. We operate in multiple countries including India, USA, UAE, and more

Communication Objective for SecureLayer7

Position, Sandeep Kamble, Founder & CTO as a thought leader in the IT Security Solutions space. Create brand awareness among the targeted verticals for Secure Layer 7, Compliance with global standards. Position Secure Layer 7 as a leading India based global Cyber security provider with state of the hour monitoring and assessment tools. To highlight Secure Layer 7 as a thought leader in the cyber security and enabler of penetration testing that can be conducted across platforms. To educate the B2B partners and key audiences regarding the significance of Secure Layer 7 products and services. Position the brand and the brand’s spokesperson as industry thought leader and think tank.

Impact Achieved By Scenic Communications

Within 6 months of engagement, we were able to generate positive media loyalty towards the brand and its spokespeople. We garnered coverage for the brand in category A Publications in trade and mainstream media, helping position the brand as an industry leader.