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The irreversible revolution in the Public Relations profession and strategies

In the past, the public relations industry relied on general knowledge, a basic understanding of the news media, and a talent for writing and communication. As technology advanced, so did the sector and the concept of public relations as a whole. Now, your credibility depends on the engagement and reach of your brand on social […]

Top upcoming trends in Marketing that brands need to leverage in 2023

The marketing sector is developing at breakneck pace. The scope of what we mean when we say “marketing” is expanding and changing all the time. 2023 will without a doubt be a year in which we focus more intently. For marketing professional of all skill levels, adapting to these changes is not always simple and […]

The Present Scenario of Crisis Communication

Public relations experts who specialise in crisis communication can transform the perception of the brand that is experiencing a crisis. Perhaps as a consequence of overcoming the toughest obstacles, completing tasks in a short amount of time, or simply from the adrenaline these events produce. In the last few decades, crisis communication has changed drastically, […]

How will Artificial Intelligence affect the future of PR?

AI technologies are affecting everyone, and the pandemic’s impact on digital transformation is predicted to continue. According to McKinsey’s Global Institute, marketing and sales will be the areas where AI applications have the most impact, despite the fact that they are being utilised to solve problems in practically every sector of the global economy. According […]

How can PR create brand advocacy?

When competitors’ brands overshadow your company’s, it can be very frustrating. And without brand visibility, no matter how good your product or service is, no one knows who you are or why it matters. That is why a larger effort in this area is required. Additionally, it is a hidden asset, hoping for attention and […]

How Jewellery Brands Can Make the Most of Public Relations?

Jewellery has a significant place in Indian culture as a store of value, a symbol of wealth and status, and a necessary element in a number of rites. Due to weddings and other special events, consumer demand for gold jewellery remains steady despite its high price. Weddings account for around 50% of the nation’s annual […]

How can Hospitality brands utilize Public Relations to create brand awareness?

People now celebrate even the simplest of events. You’ve probably noticed that people are celebrating more than they used to before the pandemic. Tourism is seeing extraordinary growth following the pandemic, as people desire to travel, discover, and cherish every minute of their lives. People require nice venues, food, and ambiance to celebrate their joy. […]

How to utilize PR to master the art of storytelling?

The art of storytelling requires imagination, creativity, expertise, and practise. A good story is one that is accessible to all audiences. It encourages a sense of community among others who have comparable interests. The process of “solidifying abstract concepts and simplifying complex communications” is another way to describe it. It focuses on giving a brand […]

The impact of digital marketing on consumers and why businesses should build digital marketing strategies

In today’s world, is there anyone who is not using the internet? Is anyone not using social media sites? The answer is obvious. About 5.07 billion people are using the internet today, which is equivalent to 63.45 percent of the world’s population. The more people spend their time online, the more they are influenced by […]

How Fintech can leverage PR to scale up their brand

The word Fintech is the combination of the term “financial technology”. The phrase “fintech” refers to new digital technology that aims to enhance and automate the provision of and use of financial services. India being one of the fastest-growing economies has seen tremendous rise in the fintech industry in the past decade. Concepts such as […]