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Month: October 2022

How Startups can utilize PR to reach out to the maximum Target Audience?

Every startup wants to market their goods or services as effectively and efficiently as possible, maximise their return on investment, and improve the chances that their target audience will find them. Even the most established organisations may find it difficult to navigate the fascinating world of modern business. Utilizing a public relations agency can greatly […]

How Public Relations can strategically benefit the Real Estate sector?

The real estate sector is one of the key sectors for the growth of the country and its economy. But due the Covid 19 pandemic there was an economic slowdown in the sector and affect in its growth. In spite of the post-pandemic gloom and a general sense of unease about investing, India’s real estate […]

5 Myths about Public Relations which are misleading

The real and expected worlds of public relations are diametrically opposed. It is riddled with misconceptions, the majority of which are designed to muddle judgements about the objective of public relations. People confuse advertising with promotion, press releases, and media attention. Many individuals want to know more about public relations and communication. Many people, however, […]