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Month: January 2023

The irreversible revolution in the Public Relations profession and strategies

In the past, the public relations industry relied on general knowledge, a basic understanding of the news media, and a talent for writing and communication. As technology advanced, so did the sector and the concept of public relations as a whole. Now, your credibility depends on the engagement and reach of your brand on social […]

Top upcoming trends in Marketing that brands need to leverage in 2023

The marketing sector is developing at breakneck pace. The scope of what we mean when we say “marketing” is expanding and changing all the time. 2023 will without a doubt be a year in which we focus more intently. For marketing professional of all skill levels, adapting to these changes is not always simple and […]

The Present Scenario of Crisis Communication

Public relations experts who specialise in crisis communication can transform the perception of the brand that is experiencing a crisis. Perhaps as a consequence of overcoming the toughest obstacles, completing tasks in a short amount of time, or simply from the adrenaline these events produce. In the last few decades, crisis communication has changed drastically, […]