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How can B2B Brands utilize PR to reach out to their target audience?

B2B PR aims to build trust along with brand awareness and brand credibility. It’s less about products and more about results. A PR strategy can bridge that trust-gap between a company and its would-be customers by implementing an effective strategy. Companies have chances to connect with vendors, customers, and industry experts, and strengthen relations with […]


How can Hospitality brands reposition themselves post pandemic, with a relevant PR narrative?

The pandemic has affected a substantial amount of businesses globally and has severely impacted the travel and the hospitality sector. The Indian hotel industry has suffered losses of 620 crore. The hotel chain and standalone hotel segments are expected to lose more than 130-155 crore, while the alternate accommodation category is expected to lose more […]

Understanding the ROI on PR and why brands need to look beyond numbers

Return on investment (ROI) is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency or profitability of an investment. To put it another way, it assesses the return on any given investment in relation to the cost of the investment. Many brands and businesses are solely focused on gaining awareness and expanding their reach, not seeing […]

Why impact driven PR strategies are the way to go for the start-up ecosystem? 

The startup ecosystem has been rapidly growing, with new innovations in product and services, driven by a tech-enabled ecosystem. While this is enriching and making the economy richer, while introducing and creating newer categories, competition is also becoming increasingly fierce. Especially start-ups where effective visibility can directly translate into investor attention and potential for funding! […]

Decoding the changing role of brand communications in the era of Digital influencers

With the fast expanse of internet and access to smartphones there has been a burst in social media. It has given the liberty to people who are willing to express themselves through a certain talent and want to showcase it through the social platform. Over a period of time, these people are now become influencers. […]

What does the future hold for the PR and Communication industry ?

The pandemic has impacted nearly everything that we do in our personal and professional lives. But if there’s one thing that it has affected the most, it is undoubtedly the way people interact and communicate. And unsurprisingly, the public relations (PR) and communications industry witnessed significant transformations to that effect. Businesses felt a need to […]

What PR tips can be learnt from IPL 2022?

The Indian Premier League or IPL has without a doubt become one of India’s largest cricket festivals, bringing people of all ages, religions, and castes together. When the IPL first began in 2008, the total cost of eight franchises was Rs 3000 crore. In other IPL news, two new clubs were sold for a total […]

How brand collaboration and paid content is redefining the traditional ideas of PR

With the dynamic and ever-evolving media landscape that is practically offering around-the-clock information feed and engagement opportunities, there has been a drastic shift in the way content is created, packaged, presented and consumed, across the globe. Additionally, while news and entertainment were the two main forms of content consumed traditionally, today have exploded informative, socially […]

How communication can help EduTech brands to achieve market penetration in rural areas

What started with the Digital education initiative by the GOI’s National Education Policy, was accelerated with the first wave of the pandemic, during the lockdown in 2020. Today, with the largest population of youth under the age of 25, and as the second-largest user of smartphones in the world, EduTech has been rapidly growing, and […]

Organic Media VS Paid Media, Which Is The Best To Reach Your Audience?

Even as the modern media landscape evolves to go beyond the boundaries of the physical world and embraces an almost ubiquitous virtual universe of the 21st century, consumer engagement touchpoints and the way brands engage with their stakeholders are dynamically changing. With the rise of the social media influencers, keywords, SEO, and the digital media ecosystem […]