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Understanding ‘Experiential PR’ and its rising significance in the service industry

The pandemic has been felt by everyone as a result of the restrictions and lockdown that prevented brands from engaging in experiential PR, which involves letting customers interact with products by touching or using them. Due to this, there was less in-person interaction and more digital activity. As millennial customers want immersive experiences, companies are […]

Importance of PR during a recession?

High Inflation, unemployment, layoffs, a bear market, recession. These are some of the words that are making the headlines now-a days. During such a situation when the going gets tough, most companies cut out on their marketing and PR budget. But in these situations, the time old proverb stands correct: out of sight, out of […]

How can PR foster community relations for a brand?

“Community relations” refers to the various techniques employed by businesses to establish and maintain strong relationships with the communities in which they operate. In addition to event sponsorship, community relations or outreach initiatives might include social and community awareness goals. They are designed to raise awareness within a community, whether it be a geographical one […]

PR tips for Small Business

It is imperative for business’s sustained growth to have a robust, experienced and dynamic Public Relations (PR) outreach. Sustained publicity, good reputation and positive brand identity are the most important thing for the holistic growth and development of the company. An experienced PR team will advise you strategically at every step of the way to […]

The Three Ts Of Survival For Today’s Brand-Trust, Tenacity And Team Work

Did you know that in the present global market scenario, more than 60 per cent of your brand value lies in intangibles! Yes! A recent study by the business expert pair John Gerzema and Edward Lebar reveals that while only thirty percent of the brand value was determined by the intangible factors in the 1950s, […]

How can Data Mining help the PR industry?

Data and analytics assist companies to understand the market and make better decisions. They also guide companies to reduce their costs and improve productivity. As per a McKinsey Global Institute survey, the traditional style of working implemented by companies are overshadowed by data-driven companies to 23 times when it comes to attracting customers. It further […]

How PR can help social impact organizations

One of the many variables that constantly change society is social impact organizations. These organizations differ from the established ones in that they do not see themselves as profit-making machines, but rather as organizations that help the underprivileged. As a result, these social impact companies find themselves constrained and lack the funding they require for […]

How can Animation Brands utilise communication tools to stay ahead?

Animation brands have seen a considerable increase in the last three years. Animation is booming as a result of technological advancements and improved internet access. Through amusement and ingenuity, animated films and cartoons capture the interest of children of all ages. Animation is not only a terrific way to tell a story and interact with […]

How PR is evolving to go beyond local geographies and meet the global needs of fast-growing local brands

Local brands have evolved rapidly in the recent decades because of technological advancements and changes in business practises. The emergence of numerous technologies, most notably the Internet, may be monitored and linked to the growth of local brands. New channels and different working techniques were introduced by technology, resulting in a shift in profession and […]

How is Metaverse going to impact the PR industry?

The name “metaverse” denotes infinity, which is a nebulous and imprecise concept. The massive surge in talk surrounding it, on the other hand, should act as a wake-up call for public relations because, like it or not, the metaverse is coming for our jobs, or at least the way we do them. In the past […]