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How Jewellery Brands Can Make the Most of Public Relations?

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Jewellery has a significant place in Indian culture as a store of value, a symbol of wealth and status, and a necessary element in a number of rites. Due to weddings and other special events, consumer demand for gold jewellery remains steady despite its high price. Weddings account for around 50% of the nation’s annual gold demand. Even in pandemic, the Hindu festivals of Diwali and Dusshera between October and November each year induce a rise in jewellery purchases. The middle-income category in India consumed the most gold jewellery overall in 2021—roughly 797 million metric tonnes.

Jewellery brands have increased their presence digitally due to the advent of technology. The increase in jewellery brands selling online jewellery, they face a major challenge which is conversion. The most common is a lack of trust in the brand, as people are very conscious when they buy items such as jewellery or anything luxurious or expensive, and they prefer in-person shopping as there is doubt about whether it is genuine or not. People come and see their products online, but they don’t buy them for various reasons. The unique sensation of buying beautiful jewellery is unmatched by many other shopping experiences. Speaking with a competent jeweller to pick the item that is most suitable for you, seeing the diamonds sparkle up close, and walking out with your prized possession all wrapped up. In-person shopping for jewellery is something that will always take precedence. Here is where PR plays an important role in making the brand reachable to its targeted audience through media presence, brand stories, campaigns, and digitally integrated PR. This could entail producing press releases, blog posts, creating content for social media, and more.

With public relations, you can increase not only brand awareness but also its credibility. People want assurance about your brand, whether it is authentic or fake.  Through PR, your brand gets credibility, as it is the only marketing medium which gives third party accreditation. People don’t believe in a brand until someone else tells them about it. Though they have already seen or heard about that brand, they still have a sense of doubt about it.

Let us have a look at how jewellery brands can make the most of PR:

Build Credibility

The most important thing a PR agency does is build credibility for brands. All businesses need to establish credibility. By portraying your brand as authentic, real, and luxurious, a sound strategy improves your business’s reputation and creates a personal connection with your customers. Public relations increase an organization’s credibility by enhancing its reputation through a press release, thought leadership blogs, influencer marketing, and social media. Jewellery brands need to make full use of the festival campaigns through experiential PR and product placement in publication for building credibility.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is crucial for businesses to increase their visibility and engagement. A number of objectives are achieved by brand awareness, such as conveying the brand’s authenticity, credibility, and trust. Additionally, brand awareness ensures greater exposure and promotes trust. If consumers can relate to your brand, they will trust it and develop a connection with it. PR tactics help jewellery brands raise the visibility of their brand among target audiences and customers. Jewellery brands also need to take part in fashion shows and bridal fashion shows to create brand awareness. For more visibility you can also get your jewellery brand in Magazines for better engagement.

Social Media Marketing integrated PR

A PR agency helps your brand by creating engaging content. This can include pictures, videos, infographics, and blog posts on social media. Businesses may monitor online conversations about their brand by employing tools like Google Analytics. The influencers who are promoting your jewellery agency may then be found. By working with an influencer, you can gain access to their audience and connect with potential new clients who may not be aware of your company. PR also offers strategy formulation, managing content generation, and distribution across various media, which can be utilized on social media. You can also post photo and videos about the Certifications, Hall Marks on the jewellery and manufacturing details for authenticity and build trust in their customers and targeted audiences. It will take time, effort, and a desire to listen to your consumers to build a strong and active jewellery brand that will bring your business customer loyalty, higher brand recognition, and overall growth. Even as new trends continue to upend the market, an increasing number of brands are turning to PR to emphasise the importance and potential of jewellery brands.

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