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How can brands utilise PR to attract the best of talents for the gaming industry in India?

The gaming industry in India has been rapidly growing while attracting many youths and career enthusiastic along with it. From being a regular passing time activity known only to few people to developing a whole new industry of its own, gaming has settled its own place in the midst of people’s mind and heart. It has developed from being a hobby to something from which people can earn, build a career and explore the creativity of their mind. The boost that gaming industry gained during pandemic whether it’s been through playing Ludo to Among Us to Fortnite is very impressive. The online gaming sector of India reached $ 1.03 billion in 2020, a growth of 17.3 percent from $543 million in 2016. India being only second to China with 420 million casual gamers has been described by KPMG as among the world’s fastest-growing gaming market in June 2021. With the progress of one industry there comes the question on how to keep the continuation of progress going. The growth of any industry requires the push of many talents that has been backed up by the industry. Gaming can be treated as one way of storytelling and a different way in entertaining the gamers.

A good gaming company needs a good PR execution in order to deliver its stories among the people. PR is not only maintaining a company image but also attracting the right audiences in the following sector with its own creativity and ideas. It can transform the industrial language delivered by the industry to a simple speech relatable to the respective audiences. Games are generally made in order to please and entertain the masses. Not everyone knows what games should be of their own taste and not everyone knows what skills they can acquire from it. This is where PR comes into the play. PR promotes the industry in such a way that the masses are well aware about what they are playing and also piques their interest without disclosing the entire game’s quality and features. A PR professional is like a mediator between gaming industry and people. PR gets a company closer to its audiences and vice versa along with making them understand each other’s perspective and messages.

Below are some points that shows how pr can help the gaming industry

Brand category

PR helps the gaming industry in building category of its own and gaining a name in the sector. It helps in spreading the stories of brand and marking a territory of its own in the market. The execution of the story through proper creation can attract the young talents understand and participate in the sector. Building brand credibility through locals (especially the gamers) on various sites can strengthen the image of the industry in the market. PR as a core role can create a positive brand image along with making the brand approachable for youths who are trying to make a career in gaming industry.

Educating the Audiences by Brand Awareness

Gaming is a very well-known and invested sector in the market. But not all the locals are aware about the opportunity it can provide and the growth spectrum there is in this field. If a company has a good brand image it also helps in recruiting the talented young minds who are dedicated to give their best in the industry. PR educates and aware the audiences about the brand through blogs, articles, creative campaigns, podcasts and so on. Audiences prefer everything online nowadays whether it’s about games or information and pr taking this point into consideration helps in spreading its network so far in the online platform that even the audience’s curiosity piques for the games. Also, PR can make people aware about the career option the gaming field can provide such as gaming designing, game management roles, marketing, quality assurance roles and many others.

More Exposure A PR professional conveys the message of the gaming brand by immersing themselves in the world of games and seeing it from the eyes of the gamer. Exposing the brand through online platforms, social media platforms, designing creative campaigns and may be giving audiences a trail period of the game can help in creating hype and buzz in the market and among the gamers. Also, PR using the community management by connecting the gaming audiences through blogs, fan sites, a specific community’s websites along with making YouTube videos can expose the gaming industry in the locals. Whether creating an attractive brand image or having young minds join the industry pr can surely implement it through right tactics.

Gaming is one of the most creative and innovative industry that is day by day growing in India. With the portion of storytelling, ideas and inventive campaigns, this industry can surely have its very own presence in the world. Public Relations is a way to gather the visionary and future sighted talents for the gaming sector.

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