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How can PR help in Countering Fake Goods?

With the rise of fake products in the market, it has become difficult for customers to tell which products are genuine and which are not. When a customer buys a fake product thinking it’s an original, it not only frustrates them when the product turns out to be of poor quality, but it also tarnishes the established brand’s reputation. This may jeopardize the customer’s trust towards the brand. If we take this ongoing pandemic, for example, a lot of fake masks, hand sanitizers, PPE kits were being sold under the name of the original products. It is a money-making source for fake businesses but it endangered the life of people who purchased these products.

How can one avoid purchasing counterfeit goods? The answer is to this is by raising customer awareness, which can be accomplished by appointing a public relations professional. A PR will help the brand in various ways, right from spreading awareness to educating people through the new-age platforms. Creating public awareness through educative content. Here are some of the ways a public relations professional can help in countering fake goods.

1. Spreading brand awareness

A public relations professional can assist you in developing a strategy for increasing brand awareness. With the help of an effective PR tool, the consumers will be aware about the brand, it’s pricing, the quality of the product and will also know the spokesperson of the brand. High-end Luxury products like cosmetics, clothing, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and fashion accessories are among the most commonly counterfeited items. By using proper PR channels like press releases, events, articles, etc. a brand can spread awareness about its products which will in return increase the credibility.

2. Better brand visibility

A PR will help to make the brand stand out than it other competitors in the market. By using the tools of product placements, customers can learn about the attributes of the product and are able to distinguish between the original and the fake product. A brand can have better brand visibility and credibility by being relevant in the market, i.e. by following the ongoing market trends and predicting the future trends. All of this is possible will the help of a PR professional. The higher the brand value, the more knowledgeable are its customers.

3. Building a strong lobby for the brand

When a product’s brand image and awareness are strong, it becomes easier for the brand to take actions against those who mimic the product. This is because the brand has established enough value and trust in the market, that they will have an advantage when the brand files a lawsuit against the duplicate product in the market.

4. Effective customer mapping and engagement

PR helps a brand in forming a devoted following of supporters who in turn are loyal advocates of the brand. The younger generation are the ideal audience to develop a relationship as they have a strong desire to improve the world. In order to connect with the right audience, PR helps in strategizing and executing an effective plan by understanding the consumer preference in order to build an effective and relevant consumer experience.   Hiring a public relations firm offers a myriad of benefits for any brand. Whether you are looking to stop the sale of counterfeited products with a new brand or with your existing brand, an effective PR strategy can help you meet your goals and create your own brand identity.

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