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The importance of PR campaigns for Lifestyle brands during the festive season

With the onset of the festive season, for many businesses, it may mean shuttering down and taking time off. However, just because the holidays are approaching does not imply you should put a stop to your public relations effort for the year. In fact, this is the time to put into place a strong PR campaign strategy as it is around this time, that people like to indulge and make purchases.

The festive season should inspire your seasonal marketing campaign, allowing you to gain more coverage in the media, reach your target audience, and raise your profile.

Increasing awareness through a well thought of seasonal marketing strategy will help maintain the lifestyle brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds, while also broadening the brand’s customer base because of festive purchasing and gifting. To enable brand recall in festive gift guides, particularly online digital outlets, the PR campaign strategy should include robust media outreach. An initiative-taking outreach to segment producers for morning shows to see if the products could be featured on their shows, as well as a strong social media presence, should be included in the brand’s PR campaign strategy.

Here are some tips and reasons why lifestyle brands should run successful public relations campaigns during the festive season:

Customer Retention and a Growing fan base

Growing a repeat customer base is the key to having a successful Lifestyle brand. The importance of brand recognition cannot be overstated. It is not sufficient to have a one-time purchase customer; the brand must ensure that their customer returns season after season. Nothing says more about a brand’s growing popularity than having customers advocate for it. A well thought of PR campaign strategy which includes premium press placements during the festive season are most likely to result in immediate burst in sales. This will ultimately assist the brands to tap into a large fan base.

Social media campaign and Influencer exercise

According to most surveys, nearly 57 percent of online shoppers love to shop via smartphones or apps linked through social media. Having stated facts, a seasonal marketing strategy is of utmost importance to boost sales volumes. The brand website should be mobile friendly, making it easier for consumers to shop. The brand should have strong social media PR strategy in place, with a special focus on Instagram. Devising seasonal marketing campaigns to boost your product reach through well-known influencers will increase sales and improve brand recall. Products should drive site traffic through promotional offers, side-by-side comparisons, and most importantly, customer testimonials.

The best time for brand visibility

Everyone knows that the festive season is the best time to get their products noticed. From Diwali to New Year’s to Valentine’s Day, the months of November through February are vital for media placements, thus, focusing on a well-built PR campaign strategy, ranging from online coverage, traditional news media and TV segments is highly recommended. This is also the season when bot, web, and print media publish gift guides highlighting their best products on a near-daily basis. Having a public relations team secure a spot for the brand on national television will undoubtedly help it gain visibility and meet sales targets.

Best time for competitor tracking

Because it is showtime, this is the ideal time for the brand to identify its competitors and closely monitor their seasonal marketing strategies. It is the most popular time of year for people to buy in bulk. A worthwhile public relations campaign is the most cost-effective way to increase brand visibility and brand recall. There is no better way to beat the competition than to have a better selection and to inform potential customers through an effective public relations campaign.

Lifestyle brands, no matter their size or financial backing, are always on the lookout for products that look good on their customers. To do so, the brand must distinguish itself from other brands on the market. A good public relations and communication strategy will not only keep them afloat in the market but will also increase sales and facilitate brand recall.

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