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Why impact driven PR strategies are the way to go for the start-up ecosystem? 

The startup ecosystem has been rapidly growing, with new innovations in product and services, driven by a tech-enabled ecosystem. While this is enriching and making the economy richer, while introducing and creating newer categories, competition is also becoming increasingly fierce. Especially start-ups where effective visibility can directly translate into investor attention and potential for funding! This has led to an increasing number of start-ups turning to PR for not only creating brand visibility for investors and customers but also for category building and creating a favourable business ecosystem for new ideas to thrive and succeed.

Startups cannot be compared to firms that have been around for many years. As a result, the business requires unique tactics and execution, as well as startup-specific goals that PR may help achieve. It focuses on brand recognition through short- and long-term initiatives, as well as thought leadership. Starting from the bottom up, PR methods give a chance to create a brand’s reputation. Startups benefit from PR tactics because they can choose how they want to be heard and have complete control over the narrative of what they want their target audience to know about them. How will the startup’s strategy set it apart from existing businesses, and what more value will be added to the startup than its competitors.

Importance of impact-driven strategies for start-up ecosystem:

1. Thought Leadership

Thought leadership includes predictions and insights into industry trends, as well as reporting in the form of expert opinion. PR strategies may help you promote your thought leadership in two ways: proactively, via innovative proposals that showcase your brand’s distinctiveness and experiment with industrial and social trends, and reactively, through what’s known as ‘newsjacking,’ which involves reacting to recent news. Creates a narrative framework that reflects the vision of your company. Thought leadership also emphasises their unique viewpoint and in-depth knowledge of a certain sector.

2. Reaching the target audience

When you identify what kind of information your audience is interested in, you’ll find the most success and with PR you can easily find out where your audience will go to get it.  Unless news impacts people directly, they are not interested and don’t care about news. PR strategy figures out how a brand has an impact on the lives of the targeted audience, personally and professionally and also how an article will editors be more likely to consider which serves their audience.

3. Builds a Network

It develops ties with important industry influencers as part of this strategy. They assist a start-up in gaining attention and reputation. Reporters, social media influencers, radio or television personalities, or anybody with a voice and an audience are all candidates. PR strategies narrative concepts that appeal with them and their audience are pitched to them. This grows into a network that promotes your entire narrative, company, and brand.

The need of a PR partner to assist your business on this journey cannot be emphasised. A truly effective strategic PR isn’t just there to help you write the occasional press release; they’re also there to help you develop a long-term strategy for positioning your brand narrative the way you want it told and engaging the media on your behalf to build momentum that will pay off in media attention over time.

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