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Makebot is a leading STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) Education provider offering new age experiential learning for students age group 6 years onwards. Makebot STEAM Learning programs offers experiential learning in the form of technology including robotic kits, AI programming, IOT applications, multi-year curriculum, STEAM activities and training programs. Makebot STEAM programs are […]


  iSchoolConnect is an online platform that makes the university admissions process hassle-free, fun, and accessible to students around the globe. Using unique AI technology, this Google-partnered company allows students to apply to multiple universities with a single application.  Communication Objective  Apart from brand positioning, we also had the mandate to profile the spokesperson and […]

Amaterasu Lifesciences LLP

Amaterasu Lifesciences is a contract research oriented Pharma and lifestyle company. They have been pioneering research in terms of anti-chafing and silicon barrier gel technology. They have a range of products mostly for adults, patients and senior citizens and include a range of anti-chafing creams, anti-diaper rashes, palliative care products for patients, etc. Communications Objectives […]

Nirvana Excursions – Travel & Hospitality

Nirvana Excursions is a travel agency which specializes in providing holiday packages throughout the globe. They focus on providing customized end to end hassle free packages to their customers which includes solo travellers, backpackers, couples on their honeymoon, families and even large groups. Communications Objectives • Create brand awareness and enable targeting the right stake […]

PhiCommerce – Startups

PhiCommerce – Startups PhiCommerce is a new age financial technology company focused on addressing challenges in the digital payments ecosystem. Their services range from solutions that can optimize efficiency for mature digital champions while taking digitally challenged businesses and consumers up the digital payments curve. Their award winning innovations have solved challenges in the cashless […]

Onspon (Startup)

ONSPON (STARTUP) Onspon is a leading avenue for stakeholders to discover and exchange synergies to create fabulous events. They offer access and technology solutions to make event planning, sponsorship and visibility more efficient. They aim to facilitate the creation of events by bringing together interested people through the global platform of onspon.com, to fashion events […]

Agrahyah Technologies (Tech)

Agrahyah Technologies – Tech Agrahyah Technologies is a Mumbai based innovative software company with an in-house audio and text content creation capabilities. They are building a suite of products and content ground up in Indian vernacular languages and English to be culturally and contextually relevant. Agrahyah Technologies shares its collective knowledge, resources, and frameworks of […]

ROBINSONS GLOBAL LOGISTICS (Logistics and Infrastructure)

ROBINSONS GLOBAL LOGISTICS – Logistics and Infrastructure RGL, a warehousing and distribution company has been spun off from the reputed Robinsons Cargo & Logistics (RCNL), it brings a strategic combination of technology, international best practices and deep domain expertise to the Indian market. Building on the 65 years of legacy of RCNL’s market leadership, RGL […]

Dr Vinod Sonawane (MD at Bloom Hair Transplant)

Dr Vinod Sonawane, Hair transplant surgeon and Managing Director at Bloom Hair Transplant Dr. Vinod Sonawane is a Trichologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon in Malleswaram, Bangalore and has an experience of 11 years in these fields. He is one of the best hair transplant surgeons in Mumbai and he has completed his undergraduate and postgraduate […]

Agnelorajesh VNCT Ventures (SAVV) (Individual)

Agnelorajesh VNCT Ventures (SAVV) – Individual Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide is a First Generation Serial and Social Entrepreneur and also the founder & Chairman of St. Angelo’s VNCT Ventures, a global real-estate development company driven by the objective to create quality-based, affordable designer homes that would be wealth multipliers for their customers. St. Angelo’s VNCT VENTURES […]