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Communication Tips for Home Grown perfume brands

India has historically known as a country fascinated by fragrances. With a plethora of fragrant trees and flowers – from lilies in the north to Champa in the south, and Jasmine grown across its corners, India has always placed social and cultural significance on scents and smells. Items such as sandalwood, saffron, and camphor were considered, from early medieval times, as a sign of wealth, prestige, and luxury.

In modern times, fragrant related products in the form of perfume, colognes and deodorants have gained distinction as essential personal care in the recent years and there are in numerous brands which have come up with their own range of products. 

According to industry researches, the fragrance market in India is anticipated to reach IND 139.44 billion by 2024, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.93% during the forecast periods, from its 2019 value of 1nr 66.58 billion.

With higher disposable incomes to the modern Indian, there are large brands and varixeties of these products to select from. Additionally, there are several new players that have entered the market, creating a plethora of options. This has created competition among the brands, each trying to outdo the other. A holistic communication for fragrances and aroma is crucial, partially as the sector is mounting and partly for the home grown brands to compete against the established players. The marketing of fragrant products involves more than vending an aroma. To successfully market a fragrance, one must tap into human psychology and link the brand with an anticipated abstract idea, such as passion, femininity or masculinity. Not only that, brands should identity the taste and preference of its consumers and tailor make their products accordingly. Hence, communication would be crucial for attaining the same.

Listed below are few communication tips for the home grown perfume brands

 Strong Narrative

 Prior to designing their communication campaign, brands must identify their unique related to their fragrance. There are several messages that can be associated with the brand, such as confidence, excellence in sports, freedom and independence, youthfulness, beauty, rebellion, happiness among others. Brands need to identify their target audiences and segregate their products accordingly, enabling them to deliver their selected clear message to them.

Create an appeal

Appealing to the sense of aroma, comes with several constraints. Brands can create an appeal for their products, only if they successfully captivate the minds of the consumers. A captivating image, voice-over and storyline can go long way in print, video and web advertisements. Several established brands use celebrities, models, music and slogans to help influence customer’s consumer’s interest.

Influencers Marketing

New age media presents a plethora of options for promoting new products and services. Influencers are personalities with significant followers, who have the capability to influence consumers. Brands can tap into the captive audiences of online influencers on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook by providing a promotional bottle, which the influencer can review or feature in an image or video. 

In-Branding Activities and Product Placement

Brands can also get in touch with OTT shows, Web Series, Daily Soaps to feature their product in their shows. Additionally, brands can place or get their products reviewed by a journalists, which will get featured in fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines and online portals. Not only would this help the brand gain credibility, but would also enable visibility to its right set of target audiences.

Several home grown perfume brands are now breaking the stereotype and trying to raise the bar for Indian Fragrances. India is a place of fragrances, be it ittar, or flower based incense and aromatherapy. Each of these have existed for thousands of years, but it was subdued by the sophisticated, marketing-driven, branded western perfume industries. A robust marketing strategy can certainly help the home grown Indian brands to compete the big players and create their own identity. 

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